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1960’s – Glory Days – Volume 2


Glory Days – Volume 2


2-DVD’s (251 Minutes)

1963 NHRA U.S Nationals(b&w – 30 min)
Amazing LIVE coverage of the 1963 U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis. This is from
ABC’s Wide World Of Sports, and the quality of the footage is superb, but note that this was shot on
videotape (not film) so the quality is what you would expect from live TV cameras back then.

“1320 Feet”(color – 20 min)
Covering the 1964 NHRA Winternats, 1964 U.S. Nationals, and the 1964 British Drags.
This was a film produced by Ford, so there is emphasis on Ford performance.
Lots of Stock Eliminator and Super Stock coverage.

1965 NHRA Winternationals(b&w – 24 min)
Another LIVE ABC Wide Of Sports b&w broadcast, from Pomona, CA. The footage is excellent, but note that this
was shot on videotape (not film) so the quality is what you would expect from live TV cameras back then.
NHRA Drag Racing was simply getting too big to be ignored by the major networks anymore. There’s a great live
interview with a young Don Prudhomme, who wins his first national event, and runs 201 mph in the final round.

1965 “Gathering Of Monsters” – (color – 9 min)
An original 1965 Mickey Thompson film, highlighting the quest for 200 mph on the
1/4 mile. All rail dragsters in this one, and the site is Fontana Drag City.

1965 “The Hot Rod Story” – (color – 48 min)
A tremendous film covering the 1965 Hot Rod Magazine Championship Drags (aka Hot Rod Drags) in Riverside, CA.
Hosted and narrated by a young Dick Enberg, this film shows how drag racing came about, and then coverage of the Hot Rod
Drags. Interviews include Shirley Shahan, Connie Kalitta, and Wally Parks. A truly great film for fans of vintage drag racing!

“The Weekend Warriors” – (color – 64 min)
Covering the 1964 NHRA U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis and the
1965 AHRA Winter-Nationals at the Bee Line Dragstrip in Arizona.

1965 NHRA Winternationals – (color – 27 min)
From Pomona California, this is a full color film of the 1965 Winternationals, the first
of three races known as the “Big Go”. Also has some coverage of an indoor
Custom Car Show before the drag race. Fantastic footage!

1967 NHRA U.S. Nationals – (color – 27 min)
Titled “The Time Machines”, this is a Hurst produced film covering the U.S. Nationals in Indy, and originally
appeared on ABC’s Wide World Of Sports. More fantastic footage! Don Garlits grew a beard, and stated
he wouldn’t shave until he broke the 7-second barrier. In the final round, on his way to winning the
U.S. Nationals, he breaks into the 7’s. Just as the race ends, Garlits climbs on top of a car, surrounded
by hundreds of fans, and proceeds to shave his whiskers. One of Garlits’ greatest moments, and something
only the legendary Big Daddy could do! Commentary by the great ABC Sports commentator Keith Jackson.