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1950-1959 – Formula 1 (Vol 4)


1950-1959 Formula 1 (Volume 4)


1-DVD (108 Minutes)

Vanwall Victory – 1957  (color – 27 min)
An original color film following the success of Vanwall in 1957. The main focus in this film is on the Monaco and
British Grand Prix races. At Monaco, the legendary Juan Fangio won in his Ferrari, with Tony Brooks in his
Vanwall finishing 2nd. At the British Grand Prix, Vanwall’s Tony Brooks and Stirling Moss captured the win.


1958 – Champion Year  (color – 60 min)
Another great film, this one is from 1983, reflecting back on the 1958 Formula 1 season. Mike Hawthorn
became the first British Formula 1 World Champion, battling out the season till the very end against Stirling
Moss. While Hawthorn only had 1 victory all season (Moss had 4 victories), Hawthorn would win the 1958
championship at the final race in Monaco. During this last race, Stuart Lewis-Evans would be killed at Monaco
driving a Vanwall, which cast a shadow over Hawthorn’s title. And even more tragic was the fact that Hawthorn,
who had announced his retirement from F1 immediately after capturing the 1958 title, was killed in a road
accident in January 1959. This 1983 film recaps the entire 1958 season, race by race, and is narrated by
John Tate (acting as the voice of Mike Hawthorn) with comments from Stirling Moss.


1959 Monaco Grand Prix  (b&w – 3 min)
A little bonus for this DVD, here we have 3 minutes of live TV coverage (with German
commentary) of the 1959 Monaco Grand Prix. Not much to see, but fascinating
nonetheless as this is believed to be the earliest live F1 broadcast.


1959 Monaco Highlights  (color – 6 min)
An original color film, as rebroadcast by Speed TV (watermark in corner), this is a standard
highlight reel, and really excellent footage. Jack Brabham takes the victory in a Cooper T51,
with Tony Brooks (Ferrari) and Maurice Trintignant (Cooper) placing 2nd and 3rd respectively.


1959 Cooper-Climax  (color – 10 min)
A contemporary drive around the track in a vintage Cooper-Climax, with none
other than Stirling Moss as the driver and in-car narrator. Shown in letterbox format.