The Silver Arrows : Volume 1
1-DVD : 140 min.              Quality : Excellent
"Silver Arrow" was the name given by the press to Germany's dominant Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union Grand
Prix motor racing cars between 1934 and 1939. Beautiful and advanced machines, by 1937 the supercharged
engine of a Mercedes-Benz W125 attained a power output of 646 hp, a figure not exceeded in Grand Prix
Racing until the early 1980s with turbocharged engines. The Silver Arrows of Mercedes and Auto Union cars
reached speeds of well over 185 mph in 1937, and over 249 mph during land speed record runs. The
superiority of these vehicles in international motor racing established the term "Silver Arrow" as a legend.
75 Years Of The Silver Arrows  (color - 5 min)
A brief, contemporary review of the Silver Arrow legacy, shown in letterbox format.

Racing The Silver Arrows  (b&w - 105 min)
The main highlight of this DVD, this a wonderful, detailed review of the 1934-1939 Silver Arrow
era, using all original footage. The film recaps many of the original Grand Prix's from the era, with
the focus being on the Silver Arrows. This is the most comprehensive review there is on these cars,
and the men who drove them. The original source of this film is from the 1990's, and all footage is
vintage b&w film from the 1930's.

1939 Auto Union Type D  (color - 30 min)
From a TV show called "World's Most Expensive Cars" on the Discovery Channel, this show
(featured in letterbox format) follows the Holy Grail of vintage racing cars, a 1939 Auto Union
Type D, as it gets ready to go across the auction block. The original version of this program was 47
minutes, and contained extraneous material revolving around classic cars in general, so we edited it
down to only focus on the Auto Union Type D.
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