Thunder Of The 70's : Volume 3
1975 Virginia 500 - Martinsville, VA - Race #9 of the 1975 season
Condition (VG) - Like the last film, there's high contrast on this footage, so the quality is not as good in
some scenes as in others. Richard Petty wins again, followed by Darrell Waltrip, Cale Yarborough, and
Bobby Allison. Richard Childress spins, but still takes home a 9th place finish. (15 min.)
NOTE : These are NOT the "Back In The Day" programs (hosted by Dale Earnhardt Jr.) that appeared on
SpeedChannel a few years ago. However, these ARE the actual films they used on that show. The
films contained on these DVD's were originally aired back in mid-1990's, so they do NOT have the
little pop-up balloons or trivia notes that appear in the more recent "Back In The Day" programs.
Please understand that these highlight reels were originally shot on film, not video. I am trying to be
as honest as I can about the film quality. These films were originally intended for the smaller TV sets
of the 60's, so they may appear grainy on the big TV sets of today.  All films are in COLOR.
1975 Carolina 500 - Rockingham, NC - Race #4 of the 1975 season
Condition (VG) - A frigid day in Rockingham, with temps in the 30's, and pit crew members are wearing
ski caps. Even so, Richard Petty is plagued by overheating issues! Ricky Rudd spins, and we see Dave
Marcis slamming into Benny Parsons in a serious 4-car collision with Lennie Pond and Darrell Waltrip.
Parsons was knocked out during the wreck, and taken to the hospital. A great side-by-side battle
ensues between David Pearson and Cale Yarborough, with Cale pulling out the victory. (21 min.)
Over 3 hours of vintage highlight films from the
1975-1978 NASCAR Season - on 2 DVD's!
1975 Southeastern 500 - Bristol, TN - Race #5 of the 1975 season
Condition (VG) - Only a 23 car field starts this race, as David Pearson and Bobby Allison sit this one out.
King Richard comes away with a win, with Benny Parsons and Buddy Baker taking 2nd and 3rd.  (12 min.)
1975 Atlanta 500 - Atlanta, GA - Race #6 of the 1975 season
Condition (VG+ to EX) - Richard Petty takes another win, but not before having a great battle with
David Pearson, who finishes 3rd behind Buddy Baker. Bobby Allison would lead briefly in his #16 AMC
Matador before having engine problems. A great slow-motion pit sequence in this film. (22 min.)
1975 Rebel 500 - Darlington, SC - Race #8 of the 1975 season
Condition (VG) - High contrast on this film makes some scenes hard to see, but other scenes
are just fine. Great action in this race! David Pearson battles Benny Parsons late in the race,
Going into Turn 1, Pearson goes under Parsons (and another car), but he slides up, taking out
all 3 cars! Bobby Allison, who was a lap down most of this race, holds off Darrell Waltrip and
Donnie Allison at the finish line to bring home a victory for the #16 AMC Matador team. (22 min.)
1975 Winston 500 - Talladega, AL - Race #10 of the 1975 season
Condition (VG) - A huge 50-car field, and plenty of passing with a record breaking 52 lead changes.
Cale Yarborough's windshield pops out and has to pit, while Richard Petty and Lennie Pond suffer
the same problem of weak windshields. Bobby Allison crashes his red/white/blue AMC Matador,
while brother Donnie blows up an engine (many blown engines in this race), and the resulting oil
slick takes out Benny Parsons and 2 other cars. Buddy Baker takes the win. (22 min.)
1976 Southern 500 - Darlington, SC - Race #22 of the 1976 season
Condition (VG+) - Another classic Southern 500, with lots of action. Bruce Hill (car #18) slams into a
spun car, and the driver of the other car is pinned inside his car for several minutes as workers
try to free his foot. Buddy Baker is steaming mad after causing his own wreck, and drives behind
the wall to head back to the garage, but he's so mad he spins himself out again on the way! Bobby
Allison cuts off Cale Yarborough as Allison exits his pits, and Cale swerves into the pit wall.
Meanwhile, Richard Petty crashes, but fights his way back to pass Darrell Waltrip on the final lap
to take 2nd place. David Pearson takes the win, giving the "Silver Fox" the triple crown of the
Winston Cup circuit back then ; Daytona 500, World 600, and Southern 500. (22 min.)
1977 Southern 500 - Darlington, SC - Race #22 of the 1977 season
Condition (VG) - Another action-packed Southern 500! Cale Yarborough takes us for a lap around
Darlington, with a rare (for then) in-car camera, and his own narration while he drives. Meanwhile on the
new water-cooled helmet (?!), and a frightening accident where Ralph Jones slams into pit wall, his car
erupts in flames, and he appears unconscious while the car burns (he was ok when he was eventually
pulled from the wreckage). Darrell Waltrip battles Cale Yarborough down the front stretch, they run
across a slower car, Waltrip does not let up, and slams into the slower car, taking out all 3 cars in the
process. Meanwhile, Janet Guthrie spins to avoid the accident, and David Pearson wins again. (23 min.)
1978 Southern 500 - Darlington, SC - Race #22 of the 1978 season
Condition (Good - VG) - Darlington just wasn't Darrell Waltrip's track. In a freak pit accident, as
Waltrip exits his pit stall, he collides with Neil Bonnett, punting Bonnett's car into the outside pit
lane wall. Neil's rear bumper hooks television cables off of a telephone poll, pulling all the cables
down across pit lane. Later, Waltrip takes out Donnie Allison, but Darrell recovers and finishes 2nd
behind Cale Yarborough. A huge crash eliminates David Pearson from competition. Meanwhile,
Richard Petty, driving a Chevrolet this season, is exhausted, and comes in to take oxygen. He
returns to the race, but has to come out again, and Dave Marcis finishes in the #43 and takes 3rd.
Also, this is the first Winston Cup race for Terry Labonte, who takes a surprising 4th. (23 min.)
2-DVD's : 182 minutes                         Quality : VG+ to Excellent
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