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Original, vintage films converted to DVD, this is our website dedicated to preserving
American automotive history. Classic footage from the glory days of NASCAR,
Formula 1, and NHRA Drag Racing, as well as dozens of great vintage promo
films from AMC, Pontiac, Ford, Chevy, Mopar, and much more!
An ongoing series of original Pontiac articles to be used as a reference, or simply for your reading enjoyment! The
information contained in these articles has been drawn from various website forums, the Pontiac Museum, and my own
personal library of hundreds of books, magazines, and factory literature I've accumulated over the past 40+ years.
1969 Pontiac Trans Am Development
The development of the 1969 Trans Am,
prototypes, and engineering cars...
Pontiac Ram Air Rarities
1960's & 1970's Pontiac Ram Air systems and
setups that never made production...
Performance Years Forums
Excellent forum for classic Pontiac fans!
Supercar Registry
Excellent forum for fans of Chevrolet Supercars!
1969 Firebird Ram Air Setups
A detailed look at the different Ram Air setups
available for the 1969 Pontiac Firebird.
1969 Firebird 400 Identification
A comparison showing the visual differences between
a standard 1969 Firebird and 1969 Firebird 400...
More to come!!
Favorite Links
Pontiac Promotional Photo Errors
Promotional photo errors, and other pre-production
Pontiac photos, that became mysteries decades later...
Pontiac Production Line Photos
Fascinating Pontiac production and assembly line
photos, from the 1940's right up to the last GXP...
Pontiac Invoice Decoding
Breaking down information contained
on your 1969 Firebird invoice...
The Pontiac Museum
An absolute must-see for all Pontiac fans!
1969 Firebird RAIV Convertibles
Only 17 were ever produced, and
these are the ones found so far...
Pontiac Reproduction Window Stickers
CORRECT reproduction window stickers for Pontiacs,
custom made, with attention to detail...
by Mike Noun
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An amazing online resource for all Pontiac owners!
Pontiac 2+2 Registry
Information and registry for all Pontiac 2+2 owners!
1969 Firebird Gauge Options
Diagrams of the various gauge packages that
could be ordered on a 1969 Firebird...
1969 Hurst Firebird S/S
Pontiac proposed a limited run of 50 white 1969 Firebirds
with RAV engines, set up for NHRA Super Stock racing...
1969 Trans Am Ram Air V
The 303 cid Ram Air V powered Trans Am, created
by Pontiac Engineering, never lived up to expectations...
Engine Bay Photos - Reference Library
Original road test, promotional, and original
owner photos of Pontiac engine bays...