General Motors Promotional Films : 1970-1982
"The Bodybuilders from Fisher" (25 minutes)
Traces the assembly process of various GM cars at the Fisher Body plant, circa 1970. Within the film, we see
several different body styles being assembled, painted, etc. including some footage of the Pontiac Firebird, Chevy
Monte Carlo, and Chevrolet Chevelle. A great film if you're interested in how Fisher Body built and assembled GM
vehicles before they were shipped to various General Motors plants for final assembly.  (Condition - VG+)

"The Innovators" (26 minutes)
From 1981, we can see how heading into the 1980's, Fisher Body began using PC's, IBM 370's, and magnetic tape
drives during their design and production phases. Assembly and paint processes are shown for various X-Body
GM cars (Citation, Phoenix, etc.) as well as other mid-sized cars.  (Condition - VG+)

"The Changing Architecture Of The American Automobile Body" (20 minutes)
This 1982 film traces the styling design of automobiles through the decades. Though dated, this film gives a good
reference as to how bodies changed from the early, boxy pre-1930's era styling to the sleeker 1940's, the excess
chrome of the 1950's, etc. Very interesting to note that GM gives credit several times to Ford and Chrysler for
specific styling innovations or trends. (Condition - Excellent)
DVD Length : 71 minutes                         Quality : VG+ to Excellent
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