1978-1979 Formula 1 - The Turbo Arrives Vol. 1
1978-1979 was a wonderful time period in Formula 1. The introduction of a turbo car by Renault singled a change
in F1, and the battles out on the race track were more fierce than ever. The tragic accident of the great Ronnie
Peterson, British TV coverage of the retirement of Niki Lauda, the glory of Mario Andretti winning the 1978
Championship, and a classic battle between Rene Arnoux and Gilles Villeneuve in the 1979 French Grand Prix that
is considered the greatest F1 highlight ever, they're all here (and more) on this 2-DVD set, along with some
fantastic season recaps and documentaries. These are original films, not contemporary videos of historic races.
2-DVD's : 261 min.              Quality : VG to Excellent
DISC 1 (1978)
Over 4 hours of highlight films and clips on 2-DVD's
from the exciting 1978-1979 era of Formula 1.
DISC 2 (1979)
1978 International Trophy Race (BRDC) - Silverstone, England - (49 min.)  
Condition (Excellent) - A non-points race, but all the F1 teams showed up for this shootout at
Silverstone. Formula 1 used to hold this race early in the season, and all the F1 teams
considered it a great place to test new cars, and compete without the risk of losing points. The
weather was horrible, pouring rain, but we see some of the greatest action ever seen in F1.
This 49 minute film has a ESPN watermark in the corner, and the film quality is excellent.
1978 British Grand Prix - Brands Hatch, England - (10 min.)  
Condition (Excellent) - Highlights of the 1978 British Grand Prix. An exciting race,
great footage, and Carlos Reutemann takes the win. This film has the ESPN
watermark in the corner, and commentary by Jackie Stewart.
1978 Ronnie Peterson - Analysis Of The Crash - (10 min.)  
Condition (VG+) - One of the greatest and most beloved F1 drivers of all time, Super Swede
Ronnie Peterson, was involved in a horrific crash at Monza in 1978, and succumbed to his injuries
the following day. This film documents the tragedy, with rare film of the aftermath of the crash.
1978 Canadian Grand Prix - Montreal, Canada - (10 min.)  
Condition (VG+) - The last race of the 1978 season, Canadian racing legend Gilles Villeneuve picks a
wonderful location to win his first F1 race, in front of tens of thousands of cheering Canadians. Great
footage of the legendary driver, whose career was cut short in a tragic accident in 1982.
1978 Documentary - The Shape Of Things To Come  - (21 min.)  
Condition (Excellent) - A fantastic documentary following the developments of the
1978 Formula 1 cars. From turbos to the controversial Brabham 'Fan Car', the 1978
season was filled with innovations. Great footage, and excellent film quality.
1978 Formula 1 Season Review  - (32 min.)  
Condition (Excellent) - A phenomenal review of the complete 1978
Formula 1 season, excellent film quality, and great footage!!
1979 Argentine Grand Prix  - (16 min.)  
Condition (VG) - The first race of the 1979 F1 season, this is a live broadcast, edited with highlights of the
race. The crowd goes wild whenever Argentinian Carlos Reutemann comes into view. While Carlos drove
another great race, he takes 2nd to Jacques Laffite. Slightly grainy footage, but very watchable.
1979 South African Grand Prix  - (4 min.)  
Condition (VG+) - This short highlight reel is on film, not video, but is very clear. Gilles
Villeneuve takes the win with Jody Scheckter in 2nd, making it a 1-2 finish for Ferrari.
1979 Monaco Grand Prix  - (8 min.)  
Condition (VG+) - This is a live feed, edited highlights, with a German broadcaster. While
many of us do not speak German, the live footage of the Monaco circuit was just too valuable
to pass up! Jody Scheckter, the eventual 1979 F1 Champion, takes the win.
1979 French Grand Prix - Arnoux vs Villeneuve  - (10 min.)  
Condition (VG) - This is the last 10 minutes (live) of the French Grand Prix, included
on this DVD as this footage is considered to be one of the greatest on-track battles
in F1 history. Rene Arnoux and Gilles Villeneuve battle for 2nd place, and the war
continues for several laps. Some great racing from both drivers!
1979 Dutch Grand Prix - Zandvoort, Netherlands  - (6 min.)  
Condition (VG) - Live footage of Gilles Villeneuve exploding a tire on his Ferrari,
then drives an entire lap on 2 tires (left rear tire blown, front right up in the air).
This is not race highlights of the Dutch Grand Prix, merely the 6 minutes that
further defined the F1 legend that was Gilles Villeneuve.
1979 - Niki Lauda's Retirement  - (8 min.)  
Condition (VG) - A live BBC News broadcast discussing the sudden announcement by
Niki Lauda at the 1979 Canadian Grand Prix that he was retiring immediately. This
footage shows the importance that news of Formula 1 carried around the world.
1979 - Car Wars - Documentary  - (26 min.)  
Condition (Excellent) - A fantastic 1979 documentary showing the innovations
and changes made to 1979 Formula 1 cars. The title 'Car Wars' is a take on
the then enormously popular 'Star Wars' movie.
1979 - Formula 1 Season Review  - (51 min.)  
Condition (Excellent) - A recap of the entire 1979 Formula 1 season,
with some fantastic (and very clear) footage.
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