Chevrolet Sales Training Filmstrips : 1955
1-DVD : 122 minutes                         Quality : VG+ to Excellent
1955 Chevrolet Sales Training - "A New Concept In Engineering Styling" (color) - 21 min
Covering the features of the new 1955 Chevrolet.

1955 Chevrolet Sales Training - "Color Magic" (color) - 11 min
A bizarre little filmstrip, using genies and magic lamps to
discuss the color palette of the 1955 Chevrolets.

1955 Chevrolet Sales Training - "All New! All Powerful!" (b&w) - 18 min
A vintage 1950's sales training presentation, the final 11 minutes of this slide
presentation, showing technical features of the new 1955 Chevrolet, are without
narration in order to allow discussion of each slide by the sales reps!

1955 Chevrolet Sales Training - "Powered To Pass" (b&w) - 15 min
From the same series as the slide presentation above, this one covers the
the 1955 Chevrolet engines. Again, the last segment is without
narration in order for the presenter to take questions.

1955 Chevrolet Sales Training - "The THIRD ERA in Ride and Handling" (b&w) - 21 min
From the same series as the slide presentation above, this one covers the
1955 Chevrolet suspension advances. Again, the last segment is without
narration in order for the presenter to take questions.

1955 Chevrolet Sales Training - "Three Minutes That Sell" (b&w) - 7 min
Explains how a salesman should showcase the newest features of
the 1955 Chevrolet to the customer.

1955 Chevrolet Sales Training - "A Home On Wheels" (b&w) - 11 min
Covering the 1955 accessories that a salesman should offer to a potential customer.

1955 Chevrolet TV Commercials and Promo Films" (color/b&w) - 17 min
TV Commercials and Promotional Films for the 1955 Chevrolet, designed for the customer.
NOTE : There are some excellent, high quality color commercials (around 8 minutes worth)
contained here that we also have on our "1952-1957 Chevrolet" DVD set. This is the only
footage duplicated between this DVD and the "1952-1957 Chevrolet" DVD set.
Chevrolet Salesman Training Filmstrips are original 35mm slide presentations (converted to film) that were designed to train
the sales force at a Chevrolet dealership. There are
no moving images within these presentations, just one photo at a time,
with narration, and a "beep" between frames to notify the slide projectionist to advance the slide. These old presentations
offer a fascinating look at how Chevrolet sold their 1955 models. These films are hardcore 1955 Chevrolet fans only!
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