1971 Can-Am : Mid-Ohio (Complete Race)
1-DVD : 105 minutes                         Quality : Excellent
A rare TV broadcast of the 1971 Can-Am race at Mid-Ohio in Lexington, Ohio. This was the 5th
race of the season, and again, the McLarens were dominant. Denny Hulme takes the pole in his
McLaren M8F while his teammate Peter Revson would set fastest lap. Jackie Stewart is 3rd on
the grid in his L&M Lola T260. But this was not to be the usual 1-2 McLaren finish that fans
were so used to seeing in Can-Am. In a lap 1 accident, pole-sitter Denny Hulme is forced off
the track and suffers a broken driveshaft. His teammate Peter Revson would go on to
dominate the race, but with only 7 laps to go, Revson pulls into the pits with a drivetrain
failure. This left the door open for Jackie Stewart, who takes the win in his blunt-nosed L&M
Lola T260, while Jo Siffert takes 2nd place in his Porsche 917/10.

This is the COMPLETE race, but due to a programming conflict on the original TV network (the
previous show ran a few minutes long), the actual live coverage is picked up a few laps into the
race. The commentators apologize for the delayed coverage, and replay the first lap crash.

Overall quality is excellent, and a true delight for fans of vintage Can-Am racing!
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