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MusclecarFilms.com is dedicated to vintage automobile racing and classic car films. We carefully
convert our rare films to a DVD format for preservation. Our DVD's are for collector-to-collector
NOT for resale. Our DVD's are not counterfeits, pirated copies, or store-bought DVD's. All of
our titles were produced by us, with true enthusiasts and collectors in mind, and are not intended to
breach any copyright laws. Our footage has been obtained through an extensive collection of old
VHS tapes and through trading with other enthusiasts. We correct for sound, color, and clarity when
necessary. The price we charge is for our
time, effort, and cost of producing these DVD's. We
hand write the title on each disc to keep costs down, and each DVD includes a slimline box with a
custom cover designed by us. We spent a great amount of time compiling and editing our DVD's to
give you the
most content per disc, with the highest quality footage we have available.
We ask that buyers please not copy or counterfeit our work. Due to the nature of our DVD's, we
normally do not accept returns, but we will gladly replace a defective or damaged disc.
Musclecar Films
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
(630) 378-1303 (voice mail)
E-Mail : MusclecarFilms@yahoo.com
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MusclecarFilms does not store any information or track your activities. We are dedicated to automotive
enthusiasts, and we do not accept any advertising on our web site. We have a few third party links listed that
pertain to articles and/or web sites pertaining to classic cars and musclecars.
Before placing an order, please understand that our DVD's are for collectors and not for resale. The price we charge is to
cover costs of packaging, shipping, DVD's, and time to produce these discs. You also agree that you are not employed by a
television or movie studio, television network, affiliated automotive organizations, U.S. Government, or any subcontractors of
the U.S. Government. Contacting me without agreeing to these conditions is in violation of Code 341.322.12 of the Internet
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Also, before purchasing any of our DVD's, you agree that these DVD's will NOT be reproduced in whole or in
part, and any images, clips, or segments of these DVD's will NOT be uploaded or displayed on YouTube
(or any other video hosting website) without my expressed written permission. --- Thank You!!

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