American Motors Corporation (Volume 2) : 1968-1971
A jam-packed DVD (almost 2.5 hours) of original AMC promotional films and Sales
Training Filmstrips from 1968-1971, focusing on the Javelin and AMX. This DVD does
NOT contain any material from our other AMC Promotional Films DVD set.
1-DVD :  147 min.              Quality : VG to Excellent
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Note : AMC Salesman Training Filmstrips are original 35mm slide presentations (converted to film) that were designed to
train the sales force at an AMC dealership. There are no moving images within these presentations, it's simply one slide
at a time, complete with narration, as well as the "beep" heard every few seconds to signal the slide projectionist to
advance to the next slide. These old slide presentations offer a fascinating look at how AMC sold their vehicles, their
awareness of their competitors, and what they considered their strongest selling points. Filmstrips vary in length.
1968 Sales Training Filmstrip - 'One Of A Kind' - (28 min)
Selling the new 1968 2-seater AMX was something quite new to AMC dealers, hence this
unusually long slide presentation (most salesman slide shows are around 6 min.). AMC
really promoted the AMX as a car for Playboy types, as evidenced by the frequent
references to Playboy playmates in this presentation!
Disc Contents
1-DVD      147 min.                  $17.00        /       $23.00
1968 Sales Training Filmstrip - 'Start A Chain Reaction' - (6 min)
Tips on how to connect with the youth movement of 1968, and how to get
potential buyers talking about the new Javelins. AMC was convinced that once
people saw the new Javelins and AMX's, young people would start a
chain reaction, and buyers would flood the showrooms.
1968 Sales Training Filmstrip - 'An Unfair Comparison' - (6 min)
Comparing the virtues of the new Javelin to the Mustang, Camaro, and
Firebird is an unfair comparison. The Javelin has them all beat!
1968 Sales Training Filmstrip - Javelin Selling Points - (6 min)
Pointing out the positives of the new 1968 Javelin, explaining to
salesmen that they need to showcase the Javelin's best features.
1968 Sales Training Filmstrip - Ambassador Selling Points - (6 min)
Pointing out the positives aspects of the new 1968 Ambassador.
1968 Sales Training Filmstrip - 'Coolest Car In Its Class' - (6 min)
Comparing the 1968 Ambassador to the Pontiac Lemans 4-door and the Chevy Impala.
1968 Sales Training Filmstrip - Rebel Selling Points - (6 min)
Pointing out the positives aspects of the new 1968 Rebel.
1968 Sales Training Filmstrip - 'Tops Its Field' - (6 min)
Comparing the 1968 Rebel to the 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle. Guess which one is superior?
1968 Sales Training Filmstrip - Rambler Selling Points - (6 min)
Pointing out the positives aspects of the new 1968 Rambler.
1968 Sales Training Filmstrip - 'Great American Value' - (6 min)
The positive features of the American Rambler, and comparing the differences to the VW Beetle.
1969 AMC Promotional Film - (12 min)
A film shown to AMC dealers after their yearly get together to view all the new models
for 1969. A short review of AMC's success in 1968, and what's in store for 1969.
1969 AMX Promotional Film - 'Texas Takeover' - (10 min)
A highlight reel of AMC's 1969 exploits, with legendary Bonneville racer Craig Breedlove.
1970 AMC Promotional Film - 'Trans Am 70' - (28 min)
The successes of the AMC team in the SCCA Trans Am Series. The color of this
film is washed out, and we cleaned it up as best we could. Very watchable, and
some fantastic footage from the 1970 season.
1971 AMC Promotional Film - 'The Trans Am Challenge' - (9 min)
Excellent footage of the 1971 Penske Team in action. This was actually
a film produced by Universal Studios, so quality is very good.
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