Draggin' Into The 1970's : Volume 2
1970 A.H.R.A. Drag Race - Bristol, TN - (26 min)
This one was transferred from a 16mm projector (you can hear the projector faintly in the background).
Because it came from a projector, it appears like a home movie, but of course it is not, it is professionally
narrated. Great footage of the old Bristol track, and some great super slow motion. (Condition - VG)

1973 Drag Racing Documentary - "Burn On" - (15 min)
A tremendous film, containing a rare interview of "Jungle Jim", as well as comments by a young
Shirley Muldowney, and some great super slow motion. (Condition - VG+ to Excellent)

1978 NHRA Sportsnationals - Bowling Green, KY - (44 min)
A very old video covering the first year of the Sportsnationals, this one from Bowling Green KY.
Dave McCelland and Steve Evans are commentators, and in the field are Ronnie Sox, Judy Lilly (who does an
interview), Frank Hawley, and Ken Veney, and coverage of the Stock and Super Stock classes.

Quality note: The footage transitions from "Good" to "Very Good" in places, some choppiness, but is very
watchable. Old footage of the lower NHRA classes is very hard to find!  (Condition - Good to VG)
1-DVD :  86 minutes                         Quality : Good to Excellent
Here we have 3 more rare films from the 1970's. These segments were all
professionally produced for TV and/or movie theaters, they are not home movies.
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