Draggin' Into The 1970's : The 1971-1975 Era
1971 Drag Racing film "Drag Racer" excerpts - (52 min)
A rare 1971 drag racing drama that follows the efforts of a youth trying to get a ride in a Top Fuel dragster.
Many familiar actors including Preston Pierce, Deborah Walley, and Jeremy Slate, and many drag racers of
the day. This is NOT the entire film, as the movie is very slow, tedious, poorly acted, so I just have the best
parts excepted here in order to fit on this DVD set. Remember, this is a drama, not event coverage, but this
film is just loaded with excellent in-car Top Fuel dragster footage. - Condition (Excellent).

1973 IHRA Northern Nationals - (10 min)
Muncie, IN - Lots of Top Fuel and Funny Cars - Condition (VG+)

1971 Union Grove, WI - Match race - (8 min)
Great Lakes Dragaway, lots of wheelstanders! Condition (VG+)

1972 Union Grove, WI - Match race - (6 min)
Great Lakes Dragaway, Jet Cars vs. Funny Cars, wheelstanders, etc. For you Pontiac fans,
good footage of Arnie Beswick's "Boss Bird" Trans Am Funny Car - Condition (VG+)

1972 UDRA Spring Nationals - (6 min)
Another one from Great Lakes Dragaway, lots of Top Fuel and Funny Cars - Condition (VG+)

1974 IHRA Southern Nationals - (10 min)
Classic footage from Charlotte Motor Speedway, where the Pro's ran 1/8 mile in the pits!
Top Fuel, Funny Cars, and Pro Stocks - Condition (VG+)

1975 IHRA Pro-Am Nationals - (22 min)
Rockingham International Dragway - Top Fuel, Funny Car, and Pro Stocks - Condition (VG+)
2-DVD's : 247 minutes                         Quality : VG+ to Excellent
Click here for to see a few selected clips from this DVD set!!
Here are 11 vintage films with over 4 hours of footage on 2 DVD's from
the 1971-1975 era of drag racing! These segments were all professionally
produced for TV and/or movie theaters, they are not home movies.
1971 NHRA Supernationals - (20 min)
Ontario, CA - Great footage from the 1971 Supernationals! Originally titled
"The Age Of Drag Racing", this film focuses on Pro Stock racer Dick Landy, but includes
highlights from the entire event. - Condition (VG+ to Excellent)

1972 Drag Racing Highlights - (13 min)
Miscellaneous highlights from what appears to be Pomona CA, lots of Top Fuel and
Funny Cars. Originally a 1972 short film titled "Sport Of The People". - Condition (VG+)

1974 Drag Racing Film 'Vrooom!' - (16 min)
A little history of the sport of drag racing, plus some great footage from the 1974 season.
This was originally a documentary short shown in movie theaters. Condition (VG+)

1974 Drag Racing Film "Funny Car Summer" - (84 min)
Follows Funny Car legend Jim Dunn and his family travelling across the country during the
1974 season, with spectacular, well filmed footage of all sorts of Funny Cars, Top Fuelers,
and Pro Stockers of the era. - Condition (VG+ to Excellent)
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